Who is Mostafa and How He gets in here…

Hey there,

I was a poor sales agent in a little shop in my town, almost broke and trying to make money online. I wanted to make a living as a freelance designer so I could work from home.

I wanted to support my family so my father wouldn’t have to work anymore.

The thing is my job wasn’t providing enough. And I wasn’t making any money online. So I went to the biggest city in my country and get a new good-paying job. I started making some good money but I wasn’t fulfilled and I was still so far from living the life I want for myself and my family.

So I quit my job to focus on my online business but it barely made enough money to pay my bills and live on.

It was hard and painful. I lost my confidence and my self-esteem went down. I felt terrible because I couldn’t support my family. And what made it worse is that my family members were disappointed after quitting my job to start an online business which turns out to be another failure. I felt that I’m the biggest loser was ever born.

The big problem is that my website wasn’t converting clients at all. So I tried many other online businesses such as eCommerce and dropshipping, but nothing worked well. I hit rock bottom and I went completely broke again.

And then something amazing happened…

That’s when I found this course about the new proven alternative of websites. It was at that time when I realized that I’m on the right path. Because I met and see all of those people, small businesses, famous public figures and businessmen having huge successes using this new concept and strategy of marketing, without the need for a website.

Some of those people have no tech background and had never made a penny online but they hit the $1million dollar in their first 6months with one sales funnel only!

So, It was crystal clear to me that creating sales funnels was the key to success.

I brainstormed all of my ideas, filter them out and come up with a plan which was launching my first funnel as an affiliate to make some money to live on and pay my bills. And in the meantime, give back to the community and start helping small businesses and entrepreneurs just like me to get their first leads through sales funnels and guarantee a steady flow of clients coming to their doorsteps. So that they can live the financial freedom they dream of.

But there was still a problem;

I still have to deal with all programs, tools, the foundation, and strategy to make this work properly.

In the end, I was able to join many courses and training made by the founder of this new marketing framework and other successful entrepreneurs who have success with it. That allowed me to learn the methods, techniques and proven marketing strategies from the experts. Which meant I could finally start a successful online business.

As a result, I was able to have the vision and capabilities to help entrepreneurs and other people to start and grow their businesses.

When I went through this process and all of those training courses  (especially the One Funnel Away challenge), I had a completely new way of thinking.

I was able to view things differently and start being the successful entrepreneur I always wanted to be.

The least I can say is that this changed my life literally.in

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